Market Research

Effective Market Research

Market research is the mainstay of marketing efforts, but it is also essential for new product development, pricing, promotional activities, corporate strategy development, and human resource monitoring. Public policy also relies on this research, although it is usually called opinion research in this context. Data Analytics Corp. has its roots in market research and provides statistical and modeling expertise to marketing contributors and end-users.

Data Analytics Corp. moves its clients across the analytical bridge using:

Understanding Survey Data

Most of the market research data come from surveys, so we are often asked:


What are the Best Practices in survey data analysis?

We always respond:


The best practices consist of :

  1. dynamic 
  2. complex multivariate

analyses of survey data for the sole purpose of providing key decision-makers with useful, insightful, rich, and actionable information.

Whether the data are small or big data, the analysis is the same – deep analytics to extract insightful, useful, and actionable rich information.