Technical Memos

In-Depth Technical Memos

Data Analytics Corp. offers a number of technical memos for free. These memos include:


Quickly learn the basics of price elasticities for optimal pricing.

van Westendorf

Gain an understanding of a simple pricing analytics tool for the early stages of product development.


Learn about a more intuitive and advanced pricing analytics methodology for the later stages of product development.


Pick up the foundations for a time-honored market research and pricing analytics methodology.


Gain insight into a powerful segmentation, market research, and pricing analytics tool with an intuitive graphical display.

Logs Cheat Sheet

Refresher and background information on logs for easy reference.

Logs Technical Memo

Review and learn more about the log transformation, a powerful resource for empirical work.

SVD Technical Memo

Learn about an essential matrix operation for statistical analysis — Singular Value Decomposition.

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