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Welcome to the Analytical Support Center, Data Analytics Corp.’s blog site.  The purpose of my blog is to share and develop my ideas, insights, and musings about what I call Deep Data Analytics.  There is a reason why I used the operative word “Deep.”  I believe that the goal of data analysis is to dig deeply into our data to extract the Rich Information needed for decision making, whether the decisions are for business or public policy.  The data themselves and the simple statistics that describe them, such as means and proportions, are Poor information.  In fact, the data themselves are not information but a veil that hides or obscures the information buried inside the data.  Simple statistics give us some insight, but not much.  The treasure trove of information, the Mother Lode of Information that I call Rich Information, lies buried deep inside the data, waiting there for us to find and extract it.  But not with simple statistics.  More sophistication is needed to lift the veil of data.

The sophistication is most important in the modern age of Big Data.  The complexity of Big Data, something I will comment on in future blog postings, will not easily yield Rich Information.  Even Small Data, another concept I will discuss in the future, requires more powerful tools to extract their information content.

What You Can Look Forward To

In future blog postings, I will cover Deep Data Analytical topics such as:

  1. The distinction between Poor and Rich Information.
  2. The distinguishing characteristics of Big and Small Data.
  3. The main concepts for analyzing text, a great source of Rich Information.
  4. How to identify missing data patterns.
  5. How to handle missing data.
  6. How to understand the structure of a new (big or small) data set.
  7. Tools-of-the-trade every deep data analyst must know.
  8. Various ways to model data.
  9. How to visualize data, not for reporting but for Deep Data Analysis.
  10. Software applicable for different types of analysis.

What I Look Forward To

I look forward to writing this blog not only because it will help me to clarify my own thoughts about Deep Data Analytics, but because it will also give me an opportunity to learn from others about what works and does not work, what else can be done to extract information, and if my thoughts are even on the right track about Rich Information and Deep Data Analytics.  So, I hope to learn and grow as well as help others.

My Next Blog Post

Watch out for my next blog post.  It will be coming soon.

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