Data Analytics Corp. specializes in converting data into information.

Our philosophy is that data per se are “stuff” – things you collect, store, hoard, and hope are someday useful. At worst, they remain “stuff,” just Poor Information. Actionable, insightful, and useful information, Rich Information, is buried inside the data and must be extracted. There is an Information Continuum running from Poor Information to Rich Information with an Analytical Bridge connecting them. This is what many decision makers struggle to cross. Data Analytics Corp. moves you across that bridge with Deep Analytics to extract the Rich Information you need.

Information Continuum

information continuum

Poor Information

Analytical Bridge

Rich Information

Data Analytics Corp. moves you across the Analytical Bridge to Rich Information with:

  • Consulting Services
  • Training
  • Presentations

Contact us today to learn how we can move you across the Analytical Bridge.

Data Analytics Corp.’s Data Philosophy

Data Analytics Corp.’s philosophy is that data are critical for all decision making, but only as the foundation, the “clay” referred to in the famous Sherlock Holmes’ quote, for Rich Information. Data act as a veil that hides the Rich Information; that veil must be lifted.

There are many forms of data and many ways to lift the veil. In the end, all data are numbers or what can be encoded as numbers. Since all data are numbers, they can all be analyzed more or less the same way.

Data Analytics Corp. can handle all data. To this end, we follow a Universal Data Analysis Paradigm which is customized for a particular analysis effort, but which is yet applicable to all data studies. To be practical, Data Analytics Corp. has a somewhat narrow focus – business and market applications – but the methodologies and approaches it employees to lift the veil of data can handle all problems.


Information Continuum

universal data analysis paradigm
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